Who We Are

Who are the members of District 190 of the Machinists Union?
District 190 of the International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers, AFL-CIO represents nearly 14,000 members from Fresno to Eureka, from San Francisco to Reno, and beyond. Our Local Unions are democratic organizations, controlled by the members. Professional Union Representatives, working with Shop Stewards, provide prompt and effective representation. We are affiliated with the nearly 650,000 member International in Washington, D.C., which provides help with research, negotiations, communications, training and the support of union members all over the United States, Canada and elsewhere.

What are some of the Employers or Companies employing IAM District 190 members?
Our members work in Auto Dealerships, Manufacturing Plants, Independent Repair Garages, Machine shops, Body shops, Parts distributors and retail outlets, Canneries, Bakeries, Waterfront repair and maintenance, as well as many other private and public entities dealing with Automotive & Truck repair and Machine & Manufacturing.

How many Employers or Companies have contracts with the Machinists District 190?
Approximately 1,000 Employers or Companies have contracts with Machinists District 190. They cover members in the smallest one-employee shops to workers at large facilities with statewide, national and international affiliations, as well as several large public employee groups.

Are most Machinists District 190 members actually "machinists"?
No. Originally, District 190 members were skilled craftsperson's. Today, however, the District's membership includes, professional, office, clerical, computer, technical and medical employees, as well as journeypersons, apprentices, helpers, production, maintenance and specialist in all the various machinists trades. Membership includes, men, women and workers from nearly all racial, ethnic and religious groups.

What does District 190 provide to the members?
A Union Contract. That's what it's all about. A Union contract is a legally binding agreement guaranteeing your wages, benefits and conditions of employment under which you work. No favoritism, No discrimination, and no Special deals. When District 190 negotiates a contract with your Employer, or when a professional District 190 representative meets with your Employer to work out a solution to a specific problem on the job, you've got the strength of thousands of other workers behind you.

We stand for Fair Treatment on the Job
You deserve to be treated with respect. When you are covered by a Machinists District 190 contract you cannot be fired or suspended without a good reason, specified in the contract. You have the right to file a grievance if you feel you have been treated unfairly. You have a right to a hearing, with a Union Representative on your side.

We stand for better Health Care and other Benefits
You deserve decent Health Care, Vacation and other benefits. Employees covered by a Machinists District 190 contract enjoy a full range of benefits, including, medical, dental, vision, prescription drugs, life insurance and more, fully paid for by the Employer in most cases. You have numerous choices in selection of the medical and dental programs for you and your family. Other typical benefits include paid sick leave, disability, jury duty and bereavement leave.

We stand for a great retirement benefit
You deserve a dignified and secure retirement. Almost all the members of Machinist District 190 receive a lifetime pension benefit upon retirement. The specific amount depends on the company they have worked for and the number of years of service. We now have members retiring with as much as $5,000 per month in benefits. Under many contracts, retirees and their spouse also receive full health coverage in addition to their monthly pension check. Most District 190 members are also eligible to participate in a 401(k) retirement savings plan. This plan provides tax benefits that reduce the cost of retirement savings -- it allows you to pay taxes on a reduced amount of wages, and put your money to work to build up your retirement fund.

Because we are united, the wages negotiated by Machinist District 190 are some of the best in the industry. They allow members to pay their bills, raise their families in dignity and security to enjoy some of the good things in life. While there is a substantial range depending on the industry, journeypersons currently earn between $18 and $36 per hour, depending on their specific contract.


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Convention Highlights

By Directing Business Rep Jim Beno

The 39th IAM convention was held in Chicago on September 5-10, 2016. About 1,212 delegates from across the nation and Canada attended.

Delegates overwhelmingly endorsed Hillary Clinton to be our next President of the United States. Clinton, who holds an honorary membership card in the Machinists Union, addressed the delegates in a video prepared for the convention.

I am the Secretary of the Law Committee and we presented more than 150 proposals that had been submitted by Local Lodges from throughout the US and Canada to the delegates to amend our Constitution. All of our recommendations were passed including the following:

  • A Membership Bill of Rights that will ensure full member participation in the opening and ratifying of collective bargaining agreements. This codified into the IAM Constitution principals of democracy that we have always followed in negotiating contracts.
  • A complete overhaul of the nomination and election procedures for our Grand Lodge Officers. This was necessitated by the Department of Labor's involvement in the rerun election of officers in 2013/2014. Rerunning the election cost the union millions of dollars; the new procedures should ensure that a rerun like that need never happen again. A key change was to increase the number of Local Lodges required to nominate a candidate for office. The old rule required endorsement of only 25 Local Lodges while the new rule raises that number to 10% of all Lodges. This means that approximately 90 Local Lodges are required for a candidate to get on the ballot.

Local Hosts Picnic To Celebrate and Honor Its Members

Local 1484 Picnic

Local Lodge 1484 Executive Board Members From left to right: Bill Thomas, George Bioletto, Kevin Kucera, Eric Chisnall, Francisco Chavez, Rudy Morales, Peter Garcia, Booker Curtis, Richard Joustra. Receiving awards (from left): George Bioletto, Joseph Baca and Rogelio Flores.

On Saturday, June 25, IAM members gathered at Harbor Range in San Pedro for the annual IAM LL 1484 "Service Pin Recognition Ceremony & Picnic." In addition to honoring those long time members who have held continuous membership and given their loyalty and service to the Local 1484, it was also a day of appreciation for all of our members!

The Local's Executive Board, presented George Bioletto with the Excellence Leadership Award for his more than 35 years of oustanding service and dedication as a labor activist and Executive Board member, trustee, and delegate. Joseph Baca, a 35- year member, and Rogelio Flores, a 20-year member, also received Outstanding Service Awards.

Labor Day At the Harbor

Local 1484 turns out in force for the Harbor Labor Day parade on September 5.