Getting Started

Machinist District 190 collective bargaining agreements cover hundreds of positions. Below are descriptions of a few of these positions.

Tool & Die Makers, Machinists, Production Machinist, Truck Mechanics, Equipment Mechanics, Auto Mechanics, Autobody & Fendermen, Auto Painters, Welders, Service Advisors, Dispatchers, Utility Mechanics, Installers, Helpers, Partsmen, Specialist, Technicians Maintenance personnel, Food Processors, and Sanitary Workers.

Journeyman: A journeyman is a person who has served an apprenticeship or otherwise acquired the knowledge, experience and ability to perform work assigned to them within a reasonable time and meets acceptable quality standards for the industry.

Apprentices: Apprentices are employees who are indentured to learn a trade. They are under the supervision of a journeyman and often work in the company with person. They are given a reasonable opportunity to learn the respective craft in which they are employed. The term of apprenticeship is usually four (4) years, including related instruction of not less than one hundred forty-four (144) hours per year and on-the-job training of two-thousand (2000) hours per year. In some cases they can be advanced based on their knowledge and skill level.

Trainee: Trainees are employees who are learning the duties and responsibilities relative to their respective job classification. The training period is usually two (2) years, and consists of on-the-job training only. In some cases the period of training may vary, but never exceeds four (4) years. These positions are usually not eligible under apprenticeship.

Specialist: A Specialist is a person who is employed in a particular job classification or has particular job duties, which while commonly connected with the trade or industry, requires less general knowledge than possessed by a Journeyman.

Helper: A Helper is a person employed in the trade or industry and assigned to assist others in the trade in the performance of their duties, i.e. usually Journeyman and Apprentices, but on occasion, Specialists, Service Employees and Technicians.

Production Worker: A production worker is a person engaged in mass production, repetitive machine work, assembly work or bench work, requiring less training, experience and skill than that necessary to qualify as a Specialist.

Technician: A Technician is a person who has served an apprenticeship, completed college or vocational training in a particular trade or occupation and acquired a fundamental knowledge in their field or other related fields of the Machinists' Trades.

Service Employee: A Service Employee is a person who is employed in any supportive or operative service function connected with the trade or industry covered under the jurisdiction of Machinist District 190, i.e. Service Advisor, Dispatcher, etc…


Mechanics Needed

If you're interested in Plant Engineering Mechanics, Local 1584 knows of 4-5 job openings. Go to the Local 1584 website to find the jobs posted and apply: